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Pearler – The Aussie Investing Platform Kicking Goals.

Like many investors, I was using a brokerage platform from one of the big 4 banks. It was slow, clunky and expensive! Not anymore. I’m making the switch to Pearler, and I’ll tell you why. Pearler was founded in 2018 by three mates in Sydney who wanted to create an easy …

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Buying a property in the Covid-19 boom!

I feel like I’m going against one of my favourite Warren Buffet quotes – “Be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others a greedy”. Why? Because I’m trying to purchase a property in Brisbane, along with thousands of other buyers. And it’s not easy. If you haven’t heard, property …

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How I Track my Share Portfolio with Sharesight

How I track my portfolio with Sharesight. I, like many investors, have been using spreadsheets to track my portfolio for years. My spreadsheet was messy, clunky and just didn’t perform. But a couple of years ago I discovered Sharesight, and it’s a game-changer! Sharesight is an award-winning portfolio tracker that …

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Compounding -Why you should start investing early

Compound interest – Albert Einstein called it the 8th wonder of the world.  And there’s a good reason why.  It’s hard to dispute the power that understanding and harnessing compound interest has on wealth creation.  Earning interest on interest is amazing. The same can be said for investment returns. The compounding effect of …

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How to set up an emergency fund

Money is often a cause of stress within households and one way to help reduce this stress is to have a solid emergency fund set aside in case of any unexpected emergencies. An emergency fund should be able to pay all of your non-discretionary expenses for between 3-6 months (12 …

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Why I’m still Investing During Covid-19

Why I’m still Investing During Coronavirus. When you turn on the news, it seems every day there is another story on the share market. Somedays the headline is ‘historic’ losses! Other days the market is bouncing back because of this or that.  It’s no secret that the share market is …

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The Amazon hack helping me through ISO

Let’s begin by clearing the air, this is no clever ad for Amazon! You’re not going to be sent to an affiliate link or any sneaky marketing trick. If I’m being honest, I have always been an eBay fan.. but, I have just discovered Amazon… and I’m lovin it! What’s …

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