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Financial Independence Retire Early Australia

Financial Independence…sounds pretty good hey! How about Retiring Early…Even better. We’re not talking dreams here. We’re talking about the FIRE movement…and it’s taking off! FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. You reach FIRE when you have enough personal wealth to live your life without having to work. Generally, you’ll have enough income-producing assets …

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Pearler – The Aussie Investing Platform Kicking Goals.

Like many investors, I was using a brokerage platform from one of the big 4 banks. It was slow, clunky and expensive! Not anymore. I’m making the switch to Pearler, and I’ll tell you why. Pearler was founded in 2018 by three mates in Sydney who wanted to create an easy …

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How I Track my Share Portfolio with Sharesight

How I track my portfolio with Sharesight. I, like many investors, have been using spreadsheets to track my portfolio for years. My spreadsheet was messy, clunky and just didn’t perform. But a couple of years ago I discovered Sharesight, and it’s a game-changer! Sharesight is an award-winning portfolio tracker that …

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Vanguard Diversified High Growth (VDHG)

Vanguard Diversified High Growth (VDHG) is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that provides low fee access to a diversified group of asset classes.  VDHG aims to invest for growth and targets 90% of its allocation into growth assets and 10% of its allocation into income assets. VDHG has become a …

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The 7 Best Investing Podcasts in Australia

We’ve found the best investing podcasts in Australia, to find out why we love them so much. Keep reading on. If you’re interested in investing then this is for you! I love learning from other investors and hearing their stories, but sometimes I cant sit down and read a book …

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The Birthright Fund – Setting Newborns up for Retirement

I recently read an interesting article containing the wisdom of the legendary investor, Bill Ackman. The title immediately caught my attention: Give every child $6,750 so they retire a millionaire.  You can read the original article here. Essentially, Ackman is suggesting the U.S. government utilise the effect of long term compounding returns …

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Discover the best share market games for Australia in 2020

Discover the best share market games for Australia in 2020 Does anybody know what’s going on with the stock market lately? We started the year with historic highs! Then came some of the biggest losses in recent history…Now things are starting to track upwards. Yes upwards, despite worldwide shutdowns, unheard …

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Compounding -Why you should start investing early

Compound interest – Albert Einstein called it the 8th wonder of the world.  And there’s a good reason why.  It’s hard to dispute the power that understanding and harnessing compound interest has on wealth creation.  Earning interest on interest is amazing. The same can be said for investment returns. The compounding effect of …

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FIRE Your Own Way

Fire Your Own Way was created by Jordan who discovered the FIRE movement in his late 20’s. FIRE changed his life and he was able to save $200,000 by the time he was 30. He’s now on track to retire by 40! As of August 2020, Jordan had a net worth of …

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Why I’m still Investing During Covid-19

Why I’m still Investing During Coronavirus. When you turn on the news, it seems every day there is another story on the share market. Somedays the headline is ‘historic’ losses! Other days the market is bouncing back because of this or that.  It’s no secret that the share market is …

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