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Financial Independence Retire Early Australia

Financial Independence…sounds pretty good hey! How about Retiring Early…Even better. We’re not talking dreams here. We’re talking about the FIRE movement…and it’s taking off! FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. You reach FIRE when you have enough personal wealth to live your life without having to work. Generally, you’ll have enough income-producing assets …

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Buying a property in the Covid-19 boom!

I feel like I’m going against one of my favourite Warren Buffet quotes – “Be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others a greedy”. Why? Because I’m trying to purchase a property in Brisbane, along with thousands of other buyers. And it’s not easy. If you haven’t heard, property …

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Is termite damage covered by insurance?

IS TERMITE DAMAGE COVERED BY INSURANCE? Termite damage is not generally covered by your home, contents or landlord insurance policy.  Termite activity, if left un-noticed or un-treated can cause significant damage to your home. Some studies suggest that the average damage caused by termites is cost $10,000 to repair.  That’s …

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The 7 Best Investing Podcasts in Australia

We’ve found the best investing podcasts in Australia, to find out why we love them so much. Keep reading on. If you’re interested in investing then this is for you! I love learning from other investors and hearing their stories, but sometimes I cant sit down and read a book …

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How to find a good property manager

How to find a good property manager Like many investors, I choose to entrust my investment property to a property manager rather than trying to manage it myself. A good property manager is worth their weight in gold. They can potentially save you thousands of dollars and improve investment returns. …

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The difference between residential and commercial property investment.

The difference between residential and commercial property investment. Commercial property only use to be for investors that already had a strong residential portfolio. However interest in commercial property with new investors is growing as they are seeing higher yields, longer leases and less maintenance cost’s compared to residential properties. Investing …

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The world will thrive again

The world will thrive once again. The last big event to hit the world was the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). This may be a vague memory for some, or not so vague for others. And now, we are experiencing Coronavirus – Covid19. Covid-19 has impacted thousands of people. Some have …

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Time Machine – Property Prices (News from 10 years ago)

Time machine is a segment where we look at hot topics from the past.  10 years ago property prices were a hot topic. (I know, not a lot has changed). It was predicted that over the next decade (2010-2020) house prices in Australia’s major cities would double in price.  Perth …

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