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Financial Independence Retire Early Australia

Financial Independence…sounds pretty good hey! How about Retiring Early…Even better. We’re not talking dreams here. We’re talking about the FIRE movement…and it’s taking off! FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. You reach FIRE when you have enough personal wealth to live your life without having to work. Generally, you’ll have enough income-producing assets …

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Pearler – The Aussie Investing Platform Kicking Goals.

Like many investors, I was using a brokerage platform from one of the big 4 banks. It was slow, clunky and expensive! Not anymore. I’m making the switch to Pearler, and I’ll tell you why. Pearler was founded in 2018 by three mates in Sydney who wanted to create an easy …

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Luxury car sales figures on the rise In Australia

No, you didn’t read the headline wrong…Luxury car sales figures have increased since Covid-19 in Australia! We only seem to be hearing news about businesses shutting down, a recession and increasing debt levels. But it appears that some have recovered better than others from Covid-19. Comsec Economic Insights track luxury car …

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The ATO’s warning to investors

The ATO’s warning to investors It’s almost financial new years eve, prepare the fireworks!! It’s also time to start looking at your taxes. Sounds exciting right? Like clockwork, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has come out with a warning to taxpayers. The latest warning has been directed at Property Investors. …

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Case Closed on $270k Gold Mine Heist

Case Closed on $270k Gold Mine Heist It might sound like something out of a movie, but this isn’t the Italian Job. It’s a good old fashioned Gold Heist. Back in April 2020, a gold mine in the Goldfields-Esperance District (Western Australia) was broken into. The offenders got away with …

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Find out why Virgin Australia still needs government help

You might remember an article we wrote a few weeks back on Virgin Australia. The Queensland Government was considering buying into the airline as they went into voluntary administration. You can read that here. Well, we have an update. Until recently, there were still international flights into Australia. These flights were …

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How much gold does Australia have?

Historically, when the world is collapsing, people turn to gold. Why? Because gold is viewed as a safe place to store your cash! Gold has been used as a commodity for thousands of years. Economies have placed a value on gold and it’s often used as a hedge against inflation/deflation …

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Will the big four Banks handle a recession?

Love them or hate them, the big four banks are embedded in our daily life! They probably hold your money, look after your mortgage or you own a slice in your superannuation fund. But if worse comes to worst – do you think they can handle a recession? We’re talking …

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Real Stories: Spending in the Pandemic.

Spending, savings and lending are hot topics right now. Everyone has an opinion…and so they should, everyone is different. To see just how different everyone is we have been reading hundreds of stories about how personal spending has changed through coronavirus. So far, we have found three groups of people …

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Aussies are buying less…booze.

No surprise, Aussies are generally spending less. We can’t go on holiday, out to dinner or even go to the beach. But just how much less are we spending? When this whole Coronavirus thing started, Aussies began spending more. People flocked to the shops and stocked up on the essentials.. …

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The ugly truth of Payday Lending

Times are tough right now. A lot of people are hurting…Unfortunately, one business strives in time of hardship – at the expense of others. We all borrow money, right? It is a fact of life. I borrow money for a house and have a credit card. Others borrow money for …

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