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Discover how much a billion dollars is in Australia AUD

Just how much is a billion dollars? Or even a trillion dollars?… We find out in Australian currency. Dollarydoos, pineapple, dough, moolah – these are some of our favourite ways to refer to boring old money. Whatever you want to call it, we like spending it! In the 2019 Christmas …

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Gym membership costs, are they worth it?

How much does a gym membership cost? We look at business economics behind Gym memberships and how you could save money. Summer is just around the corner…and that means gyms are going to start filling up! (As long as social distancing doesn’t stop us). Did you know, it’s estimated by the …

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The 7 Best Business Podcasts in Australia

If you’re a business owner or want to start a business than we have something for you! Hunger Daily has found 7 of the best business podcasts in Australia. To find out why we love these podcasts, keep reading on: Most business owners are time-poor and struggle to schedule in …

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Luxury car sales figures on the rise In Australia

No, you didn’t read the headline wrong…Luxury car sales figures have increased since Covid-19 in Australia! We only seem to be hearing news about businesses shutting down, a recession and increasing debt levels. But it appears that some have recovered better than others from Covid-19. Comsec Economic Insights track luxury car …

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Find out why Virgin Australia still needs government help

You might remember an article we wrote a few weeks back on Virgin Australia. The Queensland Government was considering buying into the airline as they went into voluntary administration. You can read that here. Well, we have an update. Until recently, there were still international flights into Australia. These flights were …

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Will the big four Banks handle a recession?

Love them or hate them, the big four banks are embedded in our daily life! They probably hold your money, look after your mortgage or you own a slice in your superannuation fund. But if worse comes to worst – do you think they can handle a recession? We’re talking …

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The companies we have turned to during Coronavirus

Our behaviour has changed! We can’t go out to a restaurant and we can’t see friends or family. Some of us can’t go to work…some of us no longer have work. Some businesses have suffered! They lost all their customers overnight… However, some businesses are thriving and have more customers …

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Real Stories: Spending in the Pandemic.

Spending, savings and lending are hot topics right now. Everyone has an opinion…and so they should, everyone is different. To see just how different everyone is we have been reading hundreds of stories about how personal spending has changed through coronavirus. So far, we have found three groups of people …

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